Sterile solutions

Delivery systems

Technological capabilities

Sterile solutions

Our high level of specialization allows us to offer pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for products that require advanced technology and complex production processes, such as sterile solutions and lipid emulsions.

Parenteral solutions

We specialize in small molecule intravenous solutions and offer high-quality pharmaceutical development and product manufacturing.

Grifols Partnership offers any kind of sterile solution (SVP & LVP) for injection for human or veterinary pharmaceutics, including products from our portfolio and products developed according to your needs.

Diluents for reconstitution

Because diluent is as important as your API, Grifols offers you our Water for Injection Drug Master File (DMF)

Download the Grifols Partnership diluent brochure

Lipid emulsion

Our experience in manufacturing lipid emulsions allows us to offer emulsions for parenteral nutrition.

Volumes from 100 to 500 ml are available in different containers.

Blood Collection Systems

Blood bags

Our experience in this field along with our high level of specialization allows us to offer clients this kind of medical device. For blood banks, we produce collection, separation, storage and transfusion bags for blood components and blood bags which incorporate a filtration system. Our bags are manufactured according to GMP norms to guarantee their quality. They also adhere to the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia for the manufacture of containers for blood and biological products. These exhaustive controls guarantee the quality and safety of all our products which possess the fully Quality Certificate according to the European Economic Community directive 93/42/ECC for medical devices.

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Delivery systems

Grifols Partnership offers you a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials in different sizes to meet every need.

Premixed in customized IV PP bags

Polypropylene flexible bags are the container of choice for packaging premixed parenteral drugs; they are simple and easy to use.

One of the main advantages of this type of packaging is that no air exchange is required and the bag collapses allowing the solution to flow down easily.

Different options are also available in terms of colors, size, graphics and overwrapping to clearly differentiate strengths or types of solution.

Choose between one port, two ports, twist-off or luer valve.

We can support you in developing customized containers according to your specifications.

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Fleboflex® PP bags

Fleboflex® PP bag: Grifols proprietary connector. Excellent drug compatibility, flexible, polypropylene and transparent material.

Available sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Form-Fill-Seal manufacturing process

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Fleboflex® Luer PP bags – needle free

Polypropylene bag, flexible and transparent, specially designed for preparation, reconstitution and drug administration without the need of using needles. This access port has been specially designed with a safety valve that lets you connect a syringe to add or withdraw solution. The infusion port is a standard twist-off valve.

Available sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml.

Small Volume Glass vials

Laboratorios Grifols has a fully automated filling line for 5ml to 50ml and intermediate volumes designed in accordance with strict GMP requirements as well as the standards required by the FDA and the EMA.

Technical Features

  • Washing process with WFI80
  • Depyrogenation ensuring at least a 3 log reduction in endotoxin levels.
  • Filling through peristaltic pump with four vial fillers to achieve highly accurate dosing and precise timing.
  • Vials are laser etched on the cap, or on the glass vial
    • Provides a unique identification number for every single vial
    • Ensures traceability
    • Permits flexibility in shipping without a label
    • Prevents counterfeiting
  • Automatic machine inspection of printing
  • Terminal sterilization
  • Compatible with different types of glass vials

Learn more about small glass vial capabilities

Large Volume Glass vials

Glass vial (Type I and Type II specifications)
Naturally inert material, totally transparent and recyclable
100 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml.

Technological capabilities

Two FDA-approved sites with the ability to handle pharmaceutical products and medical devices offering different technological capabilities.

Aqueous LVP and SVP

Grifols offers you parenteral preparations containing one or more active ingredients intended for administration by injection or infusion packaged in different containers.

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS)

The use of Form-Fill-Seal technology at Grifols Partnership provides a good example of how vertical integration results in the highest quality performance. The process involves the formation, filling and sealing of plastic polypropylene bags in one step and in a fully automated manner without any human interaction. To ensure complete control of the process, Grifols manufactures components, including ports and stoppers, employed in the Form-Fill-Seal process and uses equipment developed and manufactured by Grifols Engineering.

Four Form-Fill Seal lines, fully automated, have been designed to manufacture 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml, PP bags, and can be adapted to manufacture special sizes depending on customer specifications.

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Manufacture and filling of oxygen and light sensitive products

Grifols offers you parenteral preparations containing one or more active ingredients, intended for administration by injection, or infusion packaged in different opaque materials.

Terminal sterilization

Manufacturing capabilities are designed to fill finish sterile solutions and lipid emulsions with terminal sterilization in high-capacity autoclaves (water and steam).