February 2020
Grifols ranks in the Top 10 most sustainable companies in the Biotech sector

'The Sustainability Yearbook 2020' has recently been published by S&P Global in collaboration with Robeco SAM. This annual publication reflects the results of SAM's 2019 Corporate Sustainability Assessment, the world's leading methodology for the evaluation of companies in social, environmental and good corporate governance matters. More than 4,700 institutions from various sectors worldwide participated in this edition.

Grifols has taken ninth place in the SAM Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) 2020 ranking of the Biotech sector, entering the world's top 10 most sustainable companies in the industry, led by Biogen and AbbVIE.

Grifols is also part of the 31 Spanish companies recognized as leaders in sustainability worldwide. Within this group Acciona, Banco Santander, Enagás, Ferrovial, Inditex, Meliá and Naturgy were awarded gold medals.

September 2018
Grifols has been included in the FTSE4Good Index

Grifols (MCE: GRF, MCE: GRF.P, NASDAQ: GRFS), a global healthcare company that enhances the health and well-being of patients through the development of plasma-derived medicines, clinical diagnostic solutions and specialty pharmaceuticals for hospital use, has been included in sustainability stock index FTSE4Good.

The sustainability indices consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in addition to financial indicators.

Specifically, Grifols has been chosen to form part of the FTSE4Good Global, FTSE4Good Europe and FTSE4Good Ibex indices.

The FTSE4Good Index independently rates companies on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance. The FTSE4Good indices are used by a broad range of financial market agents in their investment decisions.

The benchmarks for inclusion in FTSE4Good are based on an extensive market consultation process that encompasses numerous stakeholder groups, including government entities, consultants, academics, investment experts, the business community and NGOs.

May 2018
New line Form Fill Seal in Grifols facilities in Parets del Vallès

Grifols Partnership is highly committed to the pharmaceutical industry, and continues to grow and invest in order to maintain its competitiveness within the market. Our engagement with clients and the high quality of our sterile solutions is our number one priority. Proof of our dedication to innovation is the installation of the first form-fill-seal (FFS) line at the manufacturing site in Parets del Vallès, Spain. It is the fourth FFS line in Grifols, after the three FFS lines in Murcia, Spain.

The new line will be divided in two stages: the first one will consist of a dosing and double bagging automated process and the second will be a fully automated line, including formation, filling, dosing and sealing (double bag). The addition of the FFS line will provide additional manufacturing capacity and flexibility to meet the specifications of our customers in terms of multi format (from 50 ml to 1000 ml) and connectors (twist-off, needle free and Fleboflex® connector). The investment in sterile manufacturing technology was approximately 2M €.

The first stage of the new line will be operational in the first half of 2019.

March 2018
Five minutes with Marga Viñes, Business Development Manager – Contract Manufacturing, Grifols – DCAT Week'18

During the Dcat Week'18 in New York, our Business Development Manager was interviewed by the Teknoscienze publisher. A five-minute conversation where Marga Viñes talks about Grifols, our capabilities in contract manufacturing and the recent investments we have made. This proved to be a different and rewarding way to show our expertise and experience. Read more

May 2017
Grifols' Normal saline solution produced in its Murcia facility receives U.S. FDA approval

The FDA approval allows Grifols to market its normal saline solution in 500-millimeter polypropylene bags in the U.S. hospital sector and guarantees the Group's self-sufficiency. The product is manufactured in Grifols' production plant in Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia)

Grifols' U.S. network of plasma-donation centers will also use the IV solution as a preventative measure to restore the circulatory volume of donors

As Grifols continues to drive the internationalization of its Hospital Division, this approval opens up new possibilities for future authorizations to sell other products manufactured in its facilities located in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona) and Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia). It also confirms the company's strategy to promote complementarity of its products and services among business divisions

March 2016
Grifols invests in Sterile Manufacturing

Grifols is a Spanish healthcare company with headquarters in Barcelona, which specializes in plasma-derived proteins and contract manufacturing of sterile solutions. The company has recently made investments in sterile manufacturing technology with the installation of a fourth form-fill-seal (FFS) line at its manufacturing site in Murcia, Spain. The addition of the new FFS line will increase the company´s flexible bag manufacturing capacity by 30%. The new line can operate using the standard Grifols connector and can also manufacture bags with one or two tubes.

The new line will be operational in 2017 once validation have been completed and approved by Spanish health authorities. Grifols is also waiting for US Food and Drug Administration approval for the new FFS line as part of the company´s plan to expand sales of parenteral solutions in new markets. The Murcia facility has also been fitted with a new high-capacity autoclave and a new conditioning line to handle the increase in production.

Another production line is scheduled to be completed in the company´s Parets del Vallés facility in Barcelona, in the first half of 2018.

January 2015
NEW Automated fully-integrated filling line for vials from 5 ml to 50 ml

Grifols Partnership has a new automated fully-integrated filling line for pharmaceutical products subjected to terminal sterilization. The entire filling line has been designed by Grifols Engineering, and is able to fill vials from 5 ml to 50 ml with a production capacity of 3000 units/hour.

The Line is composed of two separate modules:

  • The first module is composed of an inlet turntable that is fed by a depyrogenation tunnel, and a dispensing and capping module.
  • The second module has a double capping station and a system for placing the vials in racks.

Fully programmable peristaltic pumps are used to achieve the most demanding requirements in terms of dose limit and timing. The four dispensing heads are independently monitored and controlled.

pick-and-place type station is responsible for capping the previously dispensed vials.

A measurement sensor verifies the correct placement of the caps, thus ensuring that all vials are properly covered. Vials are rejected if the sensor detects a misplaced cap, or if an error is detected in the peristaltic pumps implying a fault in the dose dispensed.

In the second module, the capped vials are encapsulated to ensure correct sealing. The capsule is laser-etched and immediately checked by a computer vision camera. If the laser etching is faulty, the vial is rejected.

Vials are automatically placed on racks.

The design of the filling line complies with strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements as well as the standards required by Health Authorities such as FDA and EMA.

April 2014
Coming from ICSE-CPhI in Saint Petersburg

We have taken part for the first time in the CPHI Russia, which took place on 16th and 17th April, in Saint Petersburg. It is considered the number one pharma sourcing event, and the ideal background for networking and building new contacts in the Contract Manufacturing sector, specifically in the CIS and Russian territories.

Grifols International participated in the exhibition to promote the services offered by Grifols Engineering, for the construction of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and Laboratorios Grifols, which focuses on contract manufacturing of sterile solutions and lipid emulsions.

Once more, we have had a positive impression of our participation, having established key contacts with potential partners.



Catering to a Growing Demand for Small-Volume Parenteral Manufacturing

Pharma's Almanac: April 2019

Drug candidates are becoming increasingly complex as manufacturers continue to focus on niche and personalized medicines. Contract development and manufacturing organizations with process and capacity flexibility, and wide-ranging expertise in small-volume GMP manufacturing are needed to support efforts by pharma companies to rapidly bring these specialized products to the market.
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Oriol Prat. Director Contract Manufacturing, Grifols

Grifols, a reliable and trusted partner in the injectable field

Chemistry Today (Pharma Horizon): March 2019

As an expert parenteral CDMO, Grifols Partnership is aware that the high cost of manufacturing injectable drugs, as well as quality issues and compliance requirements, forces companies to outsource these products. For an increasing number of companies, seeking technically and operationally superior contract-service partners to deliver capacity and resources is becoming a key component of their patient-centric strategy and the fastest path to market.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols International

Investing in Form-Fill-Seal Technology

Pharma's Almanac: February 2019

Extensive process understanding is required to ensure the consistent manufacture of high-quality sterile parenteral products. At Grifols, our use of state-of-the-art automated aseptic processing systems, including form-fill-seal (FFS) technology, ensures control with minimal human intervention.
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Lluc Mercadé. Manufacturing Director, Laboratorios Grifols

Continuous Quality is Essential in Parenteral Manufacturing

Pharma's Almanac: December 2018

Ensuring quality is the first concern of any pharmaceutical company in the development, manufacture and control of drug products. The highest level of quality is essential for achieving optimal patient safety, especially in the manufacture of parenteral drugs. The use of a quality-by-design approach and compliance with requirements for parametric release are two key components of a successful and effective quality program.
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Marta Serra. Technical Director, Laboratorios Grifols

Terminal Sterilization For Parenteral Drugs: Finding The Right CDMO Partner

Pharma's Almanac: September 2018

Parenteral products must undergo some form of sterilization, and terminal sterilization is generally the preferred method. Because sterile products manufacturing requires specialized expertise, many pharmaceutical companies rely on contract service providers. Choosing a CDMO with demonstrated success developing and commercializing robust terminal sterilization processes is essential to ensure patient safety.
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Lluis Twose. Managing Director, Laboratorios Grifols

A Risk Analysis Approach to Producing Environmentally Sensitive Parenterals

Pharma's Almanac: June 2018

The manufacture of sterile parenteral products is a complex and challenging process. When APIs used in formulation are sensitive to oxygen, moisture or light, issues in manufacturing are multiplied. Using risk analysis and a quality-by-design (QbD) approach across all aspects of the manufacturing process can ensure the consistent production of even the most sensitive high-quality parenteral drug products.
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Estela Llorens. Research and Development Director, Laboratorios Grifols
Oriol Riera. Head of Pharmaceutical Development, Laboratorios Grifols

Panel Discussion on Parenteral Drug Manufacturing

Pharma Horizon: April 2018

Grifols Partnership has had the pleasure to participate in the second Pharma Horizon panel discussion for 2018. The topic this time was the Parenteral Drug Manufacturing Process and our Business Development Manager, Marga Viñes, has taken part giving her point of view on parenteral drug manufacturing challenges. We must always bear in mind that behind each parenteral product there is a patient.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Expanding US Supply Options for Large-Volume Parenterals

Pharma's Almanac: March 2018

Grifols has implemented its vertical integration philosophy to ensure the consistent supply of high-quality Sodium Chloride 0.9% solution to its blood/plasma donor centers. Despite the growing interest in LVPs, only a few manufacturers produce these important products for the US market.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Mitigating Shortages of Injectable Drugs in the United States

Pharma's Almanac: September 2017

The majority of short supply drugs are sterile injectable products due to manufacturing issues, particularly quality problems. It is an important objective to mitigate some shortages because they can delay or deny patients the crucial treatments they require.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Small Molecule Injectable Manufacturing: Challenges and Complexities

Pharma's Almanac: June 2017

There is no doubt about the importance of medicines based on small molecules, especially for parenteral formulations, but are we aware of the complexity that a successful production of complex products such as sterile injectables requires? The answer is that injectable products must be manufactured to very high quality and sterility standards.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Facilitating Tech Transfer For Parenteral Products

Pharma's Almanac: March 2017

The ability to track & trace pharmaceutical product in the distribution channel has always been a regulatory imperative, but those regulations are evolving and becoming more sophisticated to improve drug safety and the threat of counterfeits in the supply chain.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Advancing Patient-Centric Parenteral Drug Strategies

Pharma's Almanac: December 2016

Parenterally administered drug will remain the delivery option of choice, especially in the era of biologics, but their ultimate success therapeutically and commercially hinges on how well these drugs can be integrated into a patient-centric continuum of care.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership
Oriol Prat. Director Contract Manufacturing, Grifols Partnership

Track & Trace Systems for Serialization and Aggregation

Pharma's Almanac: September 2016

Pharmaceutical outsourcing by definition requires the transfer of technology from sponsor company to the service provider. Outsourcing of sterile injectable fill-finish projects brings additional complexities and risk.
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Pere Villanova. Technological Innovation Manager, Grifols

A Holistic Interpretation of commitment to Quality

Pharma's Almanac: April 2016

Parental Manufacturing Market Trends.
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Oriol Prat. Director Contract Manufacturing, Grifols Partnership

Parental Outsourcing Trends

Contract Pharma: March 2016

Contract Pharma asked a roundtable of business leaders from Symbiosis, Grifols, Althea, LSNE and Baxter to discuss key trends in the parental dosage development and manufacturing market.
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Tim Wright. Editor Contract Pharma

Patient Safety and Parental Delivery Systems

Pharma's Almanac February 2016

Parental Drug Delivery.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Parenteral Manufacturing Market Trends

Contract Pharma: March 2015

Switching from concentrated formulas to premixed solutions that are ready to use for injection.
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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Sterile Solutions: How to Choose the Right CDMO?

Pharaceutical Technology Europe: March 2015

How do you know if you have chosen the right CDMO?
Do you just wait to have the answer when your product is out on the market? 

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Marga Viñes. Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership


The Grifols Partnership team will attend the following events. Interested in meeting us there? Please send us an email with your area of interest and contact details to

April 30-May 1. Chicago, USA
CPhI North America 2019

We look forward to seeing you at our stand #2442. Please email us for an appointment at

Grifols Partnership will attend the CPhI North America, the epicenter for pharma innovation, emerging trends, insights and education. It is the perfect opportunity to meet the entire pharma eco-system, from early discovery to commercialization, offering you access to the right partners at any stage of development. It is also a good chance to network with top industry players and effectively do business.

March 18-21. New York City, USA

Meet us at our suite #507 at the InterContinental Barclay Hotel. Please email us for an appointment at

DCAT Week is the premier business development event for companies engaged in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and related industries. It is organized and hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), a not-for-profit, member-supported, global business development association whose unique membership model integrates both innovator and generic drug manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients, development and manufacturing services, and related technologies. Held annually in March, DCAT Week ensures that members have a forum for high-level strategic meetings with key decision makers, timely educational programs, and important networking opportunities.

October 9-11
Grifols at the CPhI Worldwide in Madrid

This year the CPhI was held a little closer to home, here in the Spanish capital of Madrid. 

After three days of networking with other industry experts, Grifols Partnership is pleased to have made its contribution to shaping the future of the global pharmaceutical industry. It has been an opportunity to meet with global partners and gain insights into the latest industry trends.

We would like to thank all our customers and colleagues who met with us and helped make this such a successful event.

September 27-28
Back from the Contract Pharma annual event

Grifols has recently taken part in the 17th annual Contract Pharma, and it was a great pleasure to meet up again with so many of our customers and colleagues. The event, held in New Brunswick, NJ, was a great success for Grifols Partnership, and we look forward to working on many new projects that have arisen. 

The conference program was extremely interesting with highlights into future trends in the industry. Once again this was an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions with industry leaders from different parts of the world.

Thank you to all our customers and colleagues for making the event a success.

Grifols is a DCAT member