We focus on quality to deliver safety

At Grifols, we work hard to ensure maximum levels of quality in our production processes. We continuously strive to improve our quality systems, which has earned us the highest levels of accreditation and certifications.

We manufacture our products following strict GMP standards and US and European Pharmacopeia requirements in order to aim at the highest quality of the final product. In 2007, Grifols obtained authorization for the parametric release of its parenteral solutions in glass and flexible containers from the manufacturing plants in Spain, making the company one of the first in Europe to obtain this authorization.

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Parametric release for sterility

Parametric release is a guarantee that the product has attained the desired quality and is based on the information collected during the manufacturing process, in compliance with the specific demands of Good Manufacturing Practices. This recognition was received thanks to the rigorous quality system at Laboratorios Grifols which guarantees the sterility of the product without the need to carry out additional sterility tests.

A highly specialized team and automated production process with cutting-edge technology for parenteral solutions means that we are able to offer a product with very high levels of quality.

Safety is more than just a regulatory requirement; at Grifols it's a philosophy that goes hand-in-hand with quality. Safety and quality apply not only to our products, but to our internal manufacturing, communication and operational processes.

Greater quality control with vertical integration

Grifols Partnership also develops and manufactures its own flexible bags on site to obtain a perfect match between the drug and its container. This vertical integration model enables us to control the entire process from the very start, and ensure the highest standards of quality to our customers.

Grifols Partnership belongs to Grifols company, one of the three top players in the plasma-derived proteins market.

Grifols has never experienced any quality problems due to virus contamination, and this track record of performance has placed the company in a prestigious position in the plasma-derived proteins market.

This commitment to quality and our culture of continuously striving for the highest quality levels are also applied across all the company´s activities.


Experts in formulation, filling, terminal sterilization, labelling and packaging in flexible container.

Experts in development and contract manufacturing (CDMO), with long-standing satisfied customers.

Grifols is a leader in the Spanish pharmaceutical market for Large Volume Parenteral solutions. The company has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing parenteral solutions, diluents, clinical nutrition and medical devices.

FDA- and GMP- approved facilities

Located in Spain, our manufacturing facilities have the capacity to supply solutions for intravenous therapy and bags for blood storage and collection.



The history of Grifols is the history of a team which has grown as new members have joined our project.
Some contributions to the team are particularly decisive, but the final outcome is the result of the cooperation and teamwork of everyone at Grifols.

We are proud to be part of a company where decision-making is based on honesty and where we fully identify with the company. Grifols reputation in society and in the industry is a reflection of the sense of responsibility which is central to our decisions.

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About Grifols

Year founded: 1940
Number of employees: 18,300
Annual Worldwide Revenues: 4.3 Billion €

Grifols is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies with 30 subsidiaries, and operations in more than 100 countries.

Information correct as at December 31st, 2017

Founded in Barcelona in 1940, Grifols has grown to meet the needs of patients, laboratories, and healthcare professionals around the world through its extensive network of plasma donation centers, manufacturing and testing facilities, and commercial offices.

Global employer

Grifols employs more than 20,000 people worldwide – more than 10,000 of whom are based in the U.S. Our employees are essential to our continued growth, and we aim to hire and retain people who identify with our corporate values.

Global manufacturer

We have the infrastructure to meet the needs of patients and customers worldwide – including manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and Australia.

Innovative: According to a Forbes Magazine publication early in 2017, Grifols is among the top 100 most innovative companies in the world. We conduct our own R&D programs and make strategic investments in promising start-ups and novel technologies. We also modernize our manufacturing facilities and develop novel processes to help ensure product safety and efficacy.

Grifols Partnership

Grifols Partnership is a business-to-business contract development and manufacturing platform (CDMO) for sterile solutions and lipid emulsions for the pharmaceutical industry. Grifols Partnership undertakes all commitments with great enthusiasm; our objective is that your product reaches the market on time, and in optimum conditions.